20 Years and Still Going Strong

This January marked my 20th year working in publishing. Things have changed quite a bit in that time. I learned how to copyedit with paper and a red pencil, and for the first five years, I edited nonfiction books exclusively. Today it’s electronic editing supplemented by software and online dictionaries, with fiction and nonfiction, corporate reports, and journal articles all mingled together.

I will always be grateful to the people who set me on this path. From my first copyediting teacher in college, Mr. Witte, who pulled strings to secure me an internship at one of the few trade book publishers in the Chicago area, to the team of production editors at NTC/Contemporary who took me under their wing, I truly would not be here now if not for them.

When I was a new editor, “lightbulb” was two words. So was “videotape.” Now, not only has the spelling changed but those two objects hardly resemble what they were in 1999. You could probably say the same thing about me. And I couldn’t be happier.

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