#Writetip: Taking Part in Writing Contests

Copyright Gary Woodard | Dreamstime.com

New year, new slate of writing contests! Some writers question the value in writing contests. Some of them are expensive, and what do you really get out of them? It’s a valid question, and I would advise anyone planning to enter a contest to consider these points:

  • How prestigious is the contest?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How likely are you to win?

Entering every contest that comes up does not serve your writing reputation. Being selective and pinpointing those contests that are prestigious yet hold a real possibility for you to win can elevate your reputation, increase your exposure, and sometimes provide a significant financial reward. If you have the urge to participate in as many contests as possible, I recommend setting a budget for contests to encourage you to be more selective.

Are you thinking about entering a contest?

  • Almond Press offers a curated list of competitions for 2016.
  • Literary Mama provides a list of contests and other calls for submissions.
  • New Pages is a perennial favorite for finding places to submit your work, with a dedicated page for contests.

Best of luck!

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