Encouragement Makes the Rockin’ World Go Round

Are you generous with the encouragement you pass out? Now be honest. … We all know it can be easy to forget the niceties. But lately I’ve been reminded of how important it is to encourage others in their endeavors. I know this because I have received a great deal of encouragement myself, and truly, it goes a long way.

For example, a few days ago an author sent me this:

I have to tell you, I am absolutely delighted to receive these files from you. … I’ve glanced through the queries already, and it’s so clear that you have a fantastic eye (better than mine, for sure!).

And two weeks ago I received this simple note from a client:

Katherine, you may want to think about raising your prices a bit. Your work is quite good.

Now that’s the kind of feedback that makes a person work harder!

But encouragement isn’t only about compliments. I also received a message from a colleague saying thanks for referring a client to her. It was a brief e-mail, yet it was enough to make me feel good about having sent work her way. Her small courtesy encouraged me to continue to refer clients to her. Not only does she do good work, but she is a professional as well.

With all these little encouragements I have received, I have decided to redouble my efforts to say what I think when someone has done a good job. In the publishing industry, where it seems each of us is connected by no more than two degrees of separation, showing our appreciation and encouragement makes good business sense. But more than that, it makes those around us feel good — and happy to spread that feeling to the next person.

What will you do to encourage those around you?


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