Procrastinator’s Special: You’ve Waited Long Enough

Okey-dokey. There are just three days left to register for the “Produce That Book!” writer’s clinic and, believe it or not, some of you are not signed up. How could this be? Let’s chalk it up to good old-fashioned procrastination.

Now I ask you, when is the last time anything good came out of procrastinating? When you waited until February to buy a calendar so you could get it at 75% off? That explains the Teenage Dream design you chose. . . . But that’s a fine example: when you wait for the deal, it usually means you get the castoffs, the stuff no one else wants, the size 2 swimsuit or the size 42 jeans.

This time is different. This time you get the exact same enviable seat at the “Produce That Book!” clinic, but for 25% less than those suckers (no offense) who paid full price. No, clearly they aren’t suckers. They know value when they see it and don’t wait for someone else to take it from them. You, however — you like to live on the edge, up the excitement by waiting until the last possible moment to make your move. And this time it pays off.

As of Wednesday, you can reserve your seat to learn everything there is to know about book production, from manuscript to bound book (or e-book), for the low, low price of $45. That’s less than you’ll pay for the fancy dinner you have when your fantastically successful book is published. And how do I know it will be fantastically successful? Because you took this workshop, discovered the tricks and avoided the pitfalls, and put your heart into it. You had no choice but to succeed!

So stop procrastinating! Go immediately to this website ( and sign up.

Registration closes June 18. Workshop takes place June 25, 9 a.m. to noon, in Maplewood, MO.

See you there!


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