The Year Ahead

It’s already five days into January 2011 and it’s time to take a look at what the new year holds for P.O.P.

Several exciting developments hit my desk in the last two weeks of December, and they are certain to have a big impact on 2011. One is a new contract for copyediting services with Wisconsin Historical Society that P.O.P. was awarded on December 28. I spent many hours preparing the proposal required to get the contract, and it was a real reward to find out I’d earned it. Landing the contract means I can count on WHS for six or seven copyediting projects over the course of the new year. That kind of consistency offers security that freelancers rarely enjoy. And the projects that WHS produces are always of top quality, which makes the new contract that much more exciting.

Also in December I added a client who writes a daily blog. I will be copyediting the new blog posts as well as the archive of more than 500 old posts. Again, this offers the consistent work that so many freelancers desire. Much time and effort is put into finding and then landing new clients, and repeat business is the bread and butter of freelance editing.

Coming up in the next couple of months, I will begin working with Bluebird Publishing. This is a new company in the St. Louis area created by Dan Thompson (a book distributor) and Jeff Fister (publisher at Virginia Publishing) to help self-publishers achieve their goals. I have done similar work with Mill City Press in Minneapolis, but being there at the founding of the company is sure to make this an interesting and rewarding endeavor.

Of course I am also looking forward to continuing my relationships with my current clients, some of whom I’ve worked with for longer than P.O.P. has been in existence. (I’m looking at you, Triumph Books and McGraw-Hill Professional.) Longstanding clients are the only way my business is able to survive, and I am eternally thankful to those people who helped me for no other reason than they are good people.

Looking farther down the road, there is a strong chance P.O.P. will be relocating in the middle of the year. More on this story as information becomes available.

What the second half of the year holds can only be speculated. Surely there will be new and varied book projects, journals, and blogs to edit. And I hope to continue to add to my list of clients. I also hope to do more presentations on the importance of editing and the ins and outs of the process. My first attempt in December 2010 was a joy, and my second opportunity, next Wednesday at the St. Louis Publisher’s Association meeting, I’m sure will also be very rewarding. How can it not be a pleasure when you’re talking about your favorite subject to people who are truly interested?

Good things in my past. Good things yet to come. I hope you are as fortunate as I in the coming year.


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